FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the name of the technique commonly used in hair transplantation in the world and in Turkey. The FUE technique is named after the micromotor or other grafting technique used in the transplantation process. In men, the hair follicles on the crown and forehead fall out quickly because they are sensitive to the testosterone hormone. However, the hair follicles in the nape area do not fall out as they are not sensitive to this hormone. So these hairs are strong. Hair transplantation is the transportation of these hair follicles in the nape area to the bald area where they are needed. The first question that comes to mind when patients start doing research on hair transplantation is how many hair follicles will be transplanted. At this point they come across the term graft. Graft is the name of the structure used in hair transplantation. In this structure, there are hair follicles and some skin. It can contain two, three or even four hair follicles in a single graft. This is proportional to the size of the graft taken. However, the length of the graft is very important in order to avoid scarring in the area where the hair is taken and transplanted. For this reason, hair transplantation should be done in expert hands, especially for the hair structure of each patient.

In the technique called FUE, the grafts taken from the spill-resistant area with the help of micromotors are planted in the needed area. The FUE technique is one of the most commonly used hair transplant methods today, due to both being a painless procedure and successful results.

FUE Saç Hekimi

Summary of Treatment

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Operation Time

6 - 8 hours

Recovery Time

1 - 2 Weeks


1 a day



Today, many hair transplant specialists now prefer the motorized system to save time. The FUE method is the latest technique used since 2004.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

In the first stage of the procedure, grafts are taken from the guests as needed without damaging the tissue with optivisor glasses. Since it is taken as one of the 7 hairs, the amount of hair taken from the nape is not known. Thus, the nape does not have a sparse appearance. Sowing is carried out with very careful purchase. There is very little pain after this surgery and the recovery time is very fast.

What are the Advantages of FUE?

Thanks to the Fue hair transplantation motor, grafts can be taken at more frequent intervals, and when the same amount of field scanning is compared, more grafts can be removed from the field taken with the motor. Another advantage of the motor used in Fue hair transplantation is that the rate of fragmentation of grafts with multiple roots, namely 2-3 and 4 roots, is less, that is, the success of the follicular unit is more successful in preserving its integrity. For these reasons, it can be said that thanks to the motor used in Fue hair transplantation, hair transplantation has turned into a more comfortable operation. Since no incision is made, the patient is much more likely to be convinced and feel comfortable during the operation. There is no need to spend extra time to decompose the roots. Since there is no stitching, only 3 days of dressing is sufficient in the FUE technique, instead of dressing times that take approximately 15 days. 2500-3000 grafts (average 6000-6500 hairs) can be transplanted in a single session.

What is the Fue Process and After?

How long the process will take depends on some factors. The size of the areas to be treated for hair transplantation and the number of grafts to be taken will be effective at this stage. In addition, it is extremely important that the people who will perform the procedure take professional steps. In this way, it will be clear how long the sessions will last and after how many sessions the hair transplant will be completed.

You can get more efficient results thanks to this method, which allows the hair follicles to be selected in a high quality manner and only taken one by one from certain areas and not transplanted to the desired area in bulk.

Afterwards, you may experience hair loss for a while, but immediately after, you can see that your new hair will be permanent.

Frequently asked Questions

For those who are afraid of the possibility of hair loss after hair transplantation, since the hair follicles to be transplanted to the area to be transplanted are taken from areas with non-shedding properties such as the top of the ear and the nape, the hair does not shed in the transplanted area after the procedure.

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